Chief Of Operations – Specialty Coffee

Investor Seeking COO In Launching A Retail Coffee Shop Chain

About Us
A private investor is seeking a senior professional with proven track record of success in the coffee business to launch a new retail coffee shop brand. Capital, marketing and business development is this investors specialty and we are looking to partner up with a professional that can make our coffee shop vision come true. Our aim is to create and invent a new experience within the specialty coffee world alongside highly motivated and talented team of individuals driven by the desire to provide quality and quaint experiences for customers.

Working Concept
A space where we provide the ultimate and most ancient beverage of all, coffee, while bringing together a community and an experience for Millennials in an ergonomic, eco green & comfortable space. It’s an introduction of the new age into the old age; this Café will serve limited and carefully selected food and beverages in a classic, modern and green environment.

This is an opportunity to build a new brand among creative and innovative minds that cater to this generation and the next. The aim is to work with sustainable, eco green, and innovative minds from suppliers to barista’s while maintaining the old traditions of a great coffee shop. The opportunities are endless and we hope to build a fluid business structure where the demands of customers can be met according to regions and markets.

Proven track record of growth success in coffee business
Proven experience as Chief Operating Office or relevant role in the food and beverage industry
Ability to mentor, train and lead a multidisciplinary team
In depth working knowledge of the coffee roasting industry with hands on experience
Familiarity with Montreal and Quebec’s french system and politics
Bilingual: English & French. Arabic is an asset.
In depth knowledge of agile methodologies
Experience with startups
MBA or equivalent

Responsible for the set up of a new retail coffee brand. From business plan, financial analysis, start-up, product, brand development, sales team training, market opening, sales strategies, negotiations and etc.
Manages day to day operation of this startup with long term strategies of roasting, wholesale, and expansion into the GCC countries.
Build and lead a highly effective team for each retail store.
Reports to CEO


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