Work for Multi Business Opera Singer

This job is working for a multi business Opera singer, investor, philanthropist and business woman.

Universe: Please bring me someone who will stay with me and grow and appreciate the beautiful environment of this job!

Your job is, including but not necessarily in the following order:

Excellent Driving skills required:
Must be available to drive said opera singer and her dog to various gigs:
Ie: Drive to New York for Metropolitan opera, or up north to Quebec.
So you need a valid passport and perfect driving record and must like dog and music.

Handy Man responsibilities:
Assist property manager, paint, clean windows, go up on a ladder, demolition, landscaping, pool maintenance, general maintenance.

Computer savvy:
Creating Posters and flyers, and MailChimp and social media sent the month before for the opera singer’s concerts and events.

Must be bilingual.
Kind honest reliable.
Must have experience and reliable references.
A Third language is a plus.
Knowledge of music is a plus.

If this does not sound like it will drive you crazy –
You will be in a comfortable surrounding with generous compensation, 2 weeks’ vacation, and other perks.

Perks of the job:
-A boss who will never say no if you have a gig to play
-Full private insurance after your 3 month probation
-A beautiful home working environment where everyone truly loves each other
-A team where people help each other (if you want to go back to school to learn a skill that can help like becoming an Electrician or plumber I might even pay for it)

We are a kind and educated family – but we work hard.
Thank you


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