Social Media Guru – marketing/advertising/pr

8590 Group is a new Hospitality and Media Group based out of Toronto.
Our focus is on Social Media, Websites, Content Creation, Restaurants, Real Estate and Restaurant Consulting.

We are currently looking to hire 1 Social Media Guru for one of our Digital Media companies called « The Digital Menu ».

The position will require the candidate to work from home while maintaining regular interaction with superiors via email, Skype and phone calls.

Duties includes managing social media platforms, preparing and creating content, building social media marketing strategies, building brand awareness and engagement, building social media paid ads, preparing posting schedules, data mining, research and input.

Chosen candidate should be/have the following personal qualities:
• An outside of the box thinker
• Vibrant
• Goal Oriented
• A Social Media Rockstar
• An Innovative Thinker
• Handles pressure well
• Open Minded
• Open to constructive criticism
• Comfortable and effective working from home
• Self Motivated & Well Organized
• A wild sense of humour and wit

The candidate should have the following technical qualifications in order to apply for this position:
• Expert with Microsoft Word
• Expert with Microsoft Outlook
• Expert with Google
• Their own laptops and quality WiFi connection
• Understanding of Marketing
• Extensive knowledge of Facebook, Instagram and Restaurants Review Sites
• Comfortable working with Skype conference and/or video calls
• Experience as an Influencer/Blogger/Digital or Social Media Manager
• Computer savvy
• Bonus: Bilingual or Multilingual
Ultimately, we are looking for someone who lives and breathes Social Media. This is not your regular 9-5 job, being a Social Media Guru in the Restaurant Industry has it’s perks but it also requires you to be attentive at odd hours.

We have a fantastic team and are looking to make it even bigger! If you think you have what it takes, please follow the instructions below.

Please send your resume, cover letter and any relevant writing, blogging or social media examples by December 16th 2018.

Chosen candidate will then be put on a 3 month probationary period, which if completed successfully will lead to benefits, expense accounts and additional perks, including Travel.


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